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MuFlame Season 16 x99999 Non-Reset server is opening in 16 July!


The New Class: Gun Crasher

Quality gaming and the latest features awaits you!


Opening date!

Server will be opened 16 July, join the thousands online!


MuFlame Season 16 x9999 Non-Reset Opening 16 July!

Welcome to Flame MuOnline server!

We are pleased to announce opening MAX NON-Reset Server x9999 for all players around the world on 16 July. 
MuFlame – MAX Rate NON-Reset server based on the latest Season 16 Features. All skills for all character classes are available in the shops. Also in our rich shops you can find jewels, event tickets and other pleasure things.
We have max active gameplay, PvP balance in 100%, a lot of spots in all locations and Drop Semi-FO Items from Bosses and Events. All character classes are unlocked, so you can create your favorite character as soon as you enter the game.

About server and rewards: here (
Create new account: here ( 
Download game client: here ( 
Support page: here (

Basic Server Information:
Version: Full Season 16 pt 1-2;
Starter Gift: In inventory at start;
Experience rate: x9999;
Level points: 10/14
Reset: Disabled;
PvP Balance: Enabled;
Anti-Cheat: Enabled;
In shop: Jewels, Wings, Consumables;
Drop rate: 100%;
Drops: Semi-FO items from Bosses and Events. Details here;
Drop Ruud: Events, Boss, Mini-Games. Details here;
3D Camera - Enabled;
F6: On/Off, F7 reset, F8 Hide UI;
How to earn WCoin: 
- Voting for Server;
- Exchange online time for WCoins;
- Kill Bosses;
- Hunting in Arnil Temple – Elite Zone.

How to earn Ruud:
- Finish BC, CC, DS;
- Kill Bosses.

How to earn Goblin Points:
- Every hour spent in game;
- Golden Monsters.

If you have any questions, contact us and we will help you.

Posted 13 / 07 / 2021 By admin

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