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MuFlame Season 18 x9999 server is opening in 24 November!


MuFlame Updates v1

To enter game update game client with MuFlame Launcher or download and extract this Patch manually.

Added Combo Skill to all classes
Added Additional Options on +15 Items (More Info Here)
Fixed Quest system vulnerability
Fixed Guild creation vulnerability
Fixed Ice Wind Castle event Screen Shake Effect
Fixed Talisman of Luck had to be split to use with inventory type mixes when used in stack of value higher than Max TOL percentage
Fixed Attack range of 4th Enahnced Blood Skill
Fixed Possible larger number of hits than expected for Bursting Flare and Ice Break skills
Fixed Abuse of move restriction during self defense setting using Party UI
Fixed Scrolls of Oblivion are getting lost when used during Self Defense
Fixed Possible DC when requersting a party or guild
Fixed Inability to complete selected quests
Fixed Set options on Illusion Knight Soul Set do not display

Posted 13/12/2022

MuFlame S18 P1 x9999 - 24 November!

Posted 19 / 11 / 2022
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Currently this is only one server.